AST 2297 - Massacre, Not A Single One Left Alive

Chapter 2297 - Massacre, Not A Single One Left Alive

“Hey, Old Three! Use a bit more strength! Did you not eat or what?!”

“Shut up, Old Five! I’m already old now, so what?!” 

“I really have sinned too much when I was younger, so I’m paying for it now!” sighed one elder of the She Clan.

The two elderly members of the Chi Clan continuously jabbed at each other with their words. On the other hand, the two strong opposing elders of the She Clan had already endured many hits from them.

This time, The Third and Fifth Uncle were able to defeat their opponents so easily due to Qing Shui’s help. Otherwise, it would have been much harder for them to win. It was possible that they might even lose.

The fight had already reached the climax and didn’t continue for that long after it. Qing Shui’s Dragon-capturing hands, Gouging Strike, and Bright Buddha Seal were all used at critical...

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