AST 2293 - My Heart Is Solely Yours

Chapter 2293 - My Heart Is Solely Yours

Ever since the previous incident, the Bu Clan had quietened down, and Qing Shui had almost completely forgotten about them. Now all he had to do was to strengthen the Chi Clan and grant Chi Ao and Chi Feng’s wishes. This was also a good base of operations in the Nine Domains.

He walked into the backyard and saw Shen Huang standing by the pond, observing the fishes.

These few days, Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang were constantly by his side, but he realized that his intimacy with the two ladies did not improve. Instead, the two of them seemed to be inseparable. And although Qing Shui had a thick face, he found himself unable to try and flirt with both of them at the same time.

Qing Shui walked over, wearing a smile on his face. Shen Huang raised her head and noticed him. “What are you wickedly...

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