AST 2292 - Hao Tian’s Astonishment

Chapter 2292 - Hao Tian’s Astonishment

Qing Shui recalled what Nie Wu had said before. That fella was also a player, but he was a believer in mutual love. Qing Shui had no right to criticize him since he himself had that many women…

Nie Wu was constantly talking about this Bu Clan’s young mistress, and perhaps it wasn’t just a joke. For the Wu Clan’s young master to want to wed this woman, it seemed that the Bu Clan was truly fortunate.

Most importantly, this young woman’s strength was comparable to Nie Wu’s, though it was much more concealed and hard to probe. Not many could see through it, and it wasn’t known how many in the Bu Clan itself knew of her power.

“This Bu Clan’s young mistress is really beautiful,”...

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