AST 2291 - Bu Clan’s Beautiful Young Mistress

Chapter 2291 - Bu Clan’s Beautiful Young Mistress

The Cai Clan’s business had nothing to do with Qing Shui, and he was not fond of meddling in matters that did not concern him. As for his small scuffle with the Bu Clan, he hoped that they would not also bother him.

The Chi couple’s injuries were recovering quite well. At the same time, their acceptance and trust in Qing Shui began to grow. They also began to see hope in his promise.

As they were recovering, they were also getting stronger. However, this improvement in strength was not significant in comparison to regaining their original strength. Before, they were not able to use even half of their strength, but now, in just a week, they were able to use six-tenths of it.

Besides treating the Chi Yang couple’s injuries, Qing Shui also took it upon himself to help to consolidate...

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