AST 2289 - Chi Clan in The Eight Desert Region

Chapter 2289 - Chi Clan in The Eight Desert Region

“They are doing well and were raised by a village head in the mountains. I met them when I visited the Eastern Victory Divine Continent, and they lived a blissful life. When I met them, I was surprised at their innate gifts, albeit the strong evil spirit surrounding them. Thus, I forged a jade pendant for them and taught them certain battle skills to help them suppress the evil spirits. At that point of time, they were only teenagers,” Qing Shui said as he recalled.

“What happened after that?” Chi Yang asked. He wanted nothing more than to know about his children.

“At that point of time, we agreed that if they wanted to cultivate, they had to practice what I taught them first and come to look for me ten years later. After ten years, I...

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