AST 2288 - Chi Feng and Chi Ao’s biological father?

Chapter 2288 - Chi Feng and Chi Ao’s biological father?

The Nine Continents Mountain broke the old man’s seal, relentlessly charging towards him. Qing Shui could feel the Old Man’s strength; it was roughly comparable to the Nine Continents Mountain. Seeing how frivolously Nie Wu treated the Bu Clan, him and Nalan Qing were obviously far stronger than Bu Feihua’s third uncle.


The Nine Continents Mountain crashed into the body of the old man. The resultant force caused the old man to fly backward, coughing up blood. Despite this, the Nine Continents Mountain continued its assault on him, consecutively crashing down on the Old Man’s body thrice more, knocking him unconscious.

This caused all the surrounding spectators to stare in amazement. The...

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