AST 2286 - Dragon River Restaurant, Nie Clan’s Nie Wu

Chapter 2286 - Dragon River Restaurant, Nie Clan’s Nie Wu

Qing Shui didn’t know of any Cai Clan or Bu Clan, but it sounded like the Cai Clan was very powerful. However, their disciples being crippled and them not being able to do anything simply proved that the Bu Clan was even stronger than the Cai Clan.

“To tell the truth, Cai Zhong isn’t nothing much compared to that Bu Clan garbage. The only difference is that they can still protect him,” continued another guy.

This was the youth at the neighboring table. But as he finished speaking, somebody reminded him, “Little brother, some words are best left unsaid, or else the consequences might be dire.”

“Haha, is the Bu Clan that strong? I don’t really feel the same. That Bu Feihua is just a slightly tainted...

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