AST 2281- Widow Qing’s Mysteriousness, Returning Home

Chapter 2281- Widow Qing’s Mysteriousness, Returning Home

Qing Shui and Young Master Tai followed Nalan Qing into the Fragrance Shack. This time, she let them into the main courtyard, compared to last time Qing Shui didn’t even get into the house.

The courtyard was very plain, with the only interesting thing being that it was clean. Actually, It was far too clean; it seemed too simple with just a table and four chairs, not a hint of decoration in sight.

“Sit!” Nalan Qing gestured for the two to take a seat.

Qing Shui was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the welcome, and Young Master Tai was feeling the same. This was their first time sitting here, so the Young Master was still adjusting, not knowing whether this was due to him or Qing Shui.


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