AST 2277 - The Guardian Vine’s Gift, Peace and Quiet

Chapter 2277 - The Guardian Vine’s Gift, Peace and Quiet

Qing Nuo and Qing Xian were also here, and Qing Shui wrapped them in his embrace. Qing Shui always felt like he had treated these two girls poorly. They were of the same age as Qing Xiu, yet he had rarely been with them. He felt like he was an unqualified father.

“Daddy!” Qing Nuo pulled on Qing Shui’s hand, slightly reluctant to part with it.

This daughter was more familiar with him. So, it was Di Chen’s daughter Qing Xian that he practically didn’t see often. She was slightly younger but had already begun taking after Di Chen, maintaining her aloof, untainted personality as her clear, apathetic eyes made people feel distant.

Qing Shui rubbed Qing Nuo’s head, as he pulled her forward and squatted...

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