AST 2276 - Heading to the Sea King’s Palace, Qing She

Chapter 2276 - Heading to the Sea King’s Palace, Qing She

A single move! The Primordial Gold Grizzly only used a single move to dissipate the Golden Winged Roc. This made Hao Tian’s face turn as pale as sheet; he finally understood the gap between them.

Qing Shui simply waited, and only after some time did Hao Tian speak, “I admit defeat!”

He had completely lost without any room for doubt, but saying these words were still agonizing to him as Qing Shui seemed to be about the same age as him. He had always believed himself to be the pinnacle amongst the younger generations. A genius with no worthy opponents, yet he had been easily beaten down now.

Hao Tian’s swollen face looked as downcast as it could be without any hint of the charm that he had before.

“I already said that I’m more handsome....

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