AST 2270 - Demon Matriarch, Yin Yang Duality Swords

Chapter 2270 - Demon Matriarch, Yin Yang Duality Swords

Sweeping through the area, Qing Shui managed to obtain a large amount of Monkey Wine and wine vats, with the best coming from the Demon Matriarch. These were all gifts of very high quality.

The Demon Matriarch probably didn’t know of Qing Shui’s robbery, or else they would be vomiting blood from losing decades of hard work and the Immortal Fruit Tree.

He used three days to completely clear the entire area, waiting for the Demon Matriarch to return. However, there were no signs of her doing so. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to continue on his tempering journey, as there were many Demon King Inheritors. There was no need to be fixated on one.

Qing Shui was also...

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