AST 2268 - Fruit Forest, Plucking Fruits, Demonic Monkey

Chapter 2268 - Fruit Forest, Plucking Fruits, Demonic Monkey

His strength returned to normal in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, but not soon after, he suffered heavy suppression in this area. As long as the Heavenly Laws here remained unbroken, he could do nothing but suffer.

Qing Shui randomly picked a direction and headed out. Since he was here to train, he would experience harsh and grueling training while facing danger, battles, and comprehending the truths of life walking the tightrope, allowing himself to burst forth with the power of life and experiencing a rebirth at the darkest hours.

Not a single cultivator could skip a cultivation stage without facing difficulties and tempering. Many major clans would allow their disciples to face...

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