AST 2264 - Scapegoat

Chapter 2264 - Scapegoat

The pure-blooded Western White Tiger's descendant was extremely decisive, but it really ended up in a bad state to be forced to self-explode.

Huge and majestic energy rapidly spread out and in that instant, the countenance of everyone in the surroundings changed.

Some people weren't sure yet what the situation was like when an extremely terrifying vortex extended out. People who knew what was going on rapidly retreated, but it was too late, a huge explosive bang rang out.


A huge area of white light extended out from the explosion, getting the people nearby involved and they rapidly vanished into thin air.

Although that Young Master Fang and the lady from the Beiming Clan had retreated on the first sign of danger, they were still inflicted with quite a huge damage. That man from the Sea Moving Immortal Palace depleted a great amount of his powers from performing the Sea Moving Art. To be encountering such a...

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