AST 2262 - The Big and Tough Golden Primordial Bear

Chapter 2262 - The Big and Tough Golden Primordial Bear

"Big Brother, with so many people and the powerful pure-blooded desolate beasts, along with the alliance of those strong contenders, what can we get out of this? I am bewildered by the number of people here, aren’t they just seeking death?"

Hearing Gu Yaoyao's words, Qing Shui smiled and said, "Humans will die for riches just like how birds will die for food. This is but a matter of course. Everyone here are gamblers who hope to strike it rich. If you don't believe me, go and ask them. There'll definitely not be anyone who will tell you that they are here to court death."

Gu Yaoyao laughed with a crisp and energized voice. She then said, "I won't say that I'm here to court death either. With there being so many people, it can't be that everyone here will die. Therefore, if we're careful, the chances of surviving are still very high. It'll be even more than...

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