AST 2261 – Heavenly Golden Bull, Dragon Slaying Force

Chapter 2261 – Heavenly Golden Bull, Dragon Slaying Force

This was the Primordial Golden Bear’s tomb palace. It was incredibly spacious, and they were almost at the end of the walkway. The view ahead looked even more spacious. At this time, the grunts increased and a strong and young demonic beast appeared.

Powerful demonic beasts and warriors wouldn’t typically come here. After all, their powers would be reduced to the Peak Saint state when in here. For a powerful being to die in this place, he reckoned it wouldn’t have died in peace. It must have felt wronged.

Hence, Peak Saint and Martial Emperor grade warriors flooded the place more than others. Of course, the stronger existences would sometimes appear as well.

Numerous gigantic demonic beasts charged forward. They were huge...

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