AST 2259 – Seven Stars Herb, Xigong Clan, Xigong Duzai

Chapter 2259 – Seven Stars Herb, Xigong Clan, Xigong Duzai

Qing Shui laughed. “A Frail Battle God’s constitution can’t be perfect, but I can recover your Meridians to at least 80% with time. By then, the Frail Battle God’s potential would make its appearance and you would have no problems countering those on the same level.”

His words weren’t just for laughs nor were they for humility. It was destined for Frail Battle God Inheritors to have an imperfect body; this fact couldn’t be changed no matter how skilled Qing Shui was. The handicap for Frail Battle Gods was about 20%.

How much damage was that 20%? It was about the same as losing a limb, half a leg, or damage to your visceras and bowels, etc.

These clogging and damages couldn’t be lower than 20% either. Even if it could be miraculously cured,...

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