AST 2256 – Valuable Ingredient, Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken

Chapter 2256 – Valuable Ingredient, Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken

“Capture the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken first before anything else. This is critical to the Nine Continents Food Residence. You can talk about whatever else later,” said Yang Shao gravely.

The words got Qing Shui’s attention. These people were from the Nine Continents Food Residence but that wasn’t what he was surprised about. The person named Yang Shao brought up the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken. That was great stuff. Legend had it that Ninth-Grade Divine Chickens were raised by Gods.

The important element to the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken was its eggs. Of course, its meat was tender and contained a divine element. It could be used as medicine or consumed directly. However, it was too luxurious to consume it like that. Even Gods didn’t do it so. Hence, people...

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