AST 2252 – Her Self-Inflicted Injury

AST 2252 – Her Self-Inflicted Injury

“You are…? You are Qing Shui. How did your hair turn white?”

Qing Shui was filled with mixed emotions at her words. She had completely forgotten who he was, only that he was Qing Shui from their previous encounter. Even then, it was Old Turtle who told her of his identity. If it hadn’t been for Old Turtle, Qing Shui might have already been killed by her hands.

Clearly, Qing Shui wouldn’t divulge that he changed because of her. She was no longer the same person whom he had been familiar with. What should he do? Could he really treat her like a stranger?

“Give it up. This place is not your battlefield. What’s the point even if you razed it to the ground?” Qing Shui persuaded.

He was not afraid of the battle. But of course,...

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