AST 2249 – Spawning of the Black Ice Divine Worm

Chapter 2249 – Spawning of the Black Ice Divine Worm

Qing Shui was now the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace and would naturally wish for the loyalty of those within. If not loyalty towards him, then at least towards the Divine Palace itself. He didn’t wish to command the group of outstanding warriors and would rather be accepted wholeheartedly by the people.

Loyalty was earned through action, not words. While it was too soon to speak of loyalty for this group, Qing Shui observed the genuineness in the Beast King Battle God and his comrades towards the Divine Palace, and he was sure that they would slowly adapt, slowly finding their sense of belonging.

Only those who found a sense of belonging there, could truly be loyal.

The Divine Palace had an addition of these four decent Battle Gods,...

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