AST 2248 – Winning People’s Hearts, Loyalty

Chapter 2248 – Winning People’s Hearts, Loyalty

“You should have something that could increase the abilities of demonic beasts, right? If you place your faith in me, I can help you increase your powers by a lot. It’s fine if you don’t, we’ll still have many opportunities in the future once we get acquainted,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

There was quite a crowd, and they were all from the Divine Palace. Besides, as Battle Gods, they still faith in each other’s characters. Furthermore, Qing Shui was stronger than him; it was unlikely that he would have ulterior motives about the item in his hand.

“It’s nothing much. This is a Divine Connecting Jade Beast.” The Beast King Battle God passed Qing Shui a jade-type beast, the size of a child’s head. There was a glow of green jade around it.

The little jade-type beast looked like a lion and the legendary...

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