AST 2246 – Defeating The Buddha Battle God

Chapter 2246 – Defeating The Buddha Battle God

“Are you up for the challenge? It’s in the Battle God’s blood and tradition after all,” The bald man spoke up.

There was no lack of Battle Gods around them, but no one had accepted the challenge; it would affect the reputation of their Divine Palace after all. Besides, the two Battle Gods seemed competent, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been this confident.

Even if it was like this, they would have made their move too. However, the Hill Moving Battle God and the stronger Battle Gods were not around and so, Nuo Lan persuaded them to halt while she fetched the Palace Lord.

Qing Shui happened to hear the bald man’s words when he arrived.

With a chuckle, he replied. “Don’t tell me the two of you are the only members of your Divine Palace!”

“How can that be? There are two more.” The bald man rebutted...

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