AST 2245 – Two Battle Gods’ Request for Battle

Chapter 2245 – Two Battle Gods’ Request for Battle

Qing Shui didn’t expect the Divine Palace’s Guardian Beast to gift him something as great as the ‘Refining Golden Cave’.

However, the possession of a Golden Cave was the pre-requisite to using it.

Qing Shui had some knowledge about the Golden Cave now. It was a Saint level cave. However, it wasn’t the same Saint as Martial Saints. This Saint was to address Martial Saint Cultivation.

A Saint Cave was stronger than the normal caves, with the ability to defend against three of the usual. It would only grow stronger with time, much like how Qing Shui’s Golden Cave was a lot stronger after being refined. One Golden Cave of his might be able to defend against eight normal caves now.

‘Refining Golden Cave’ could only be used to refine a Golden Cave. Qing Shui only had one Golden Cave. If only all of them were...

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