AST 2236 - Won't Let You Leave Again

AST 2236 - Won't Let You Leave Again

The breakthrough this time really did surprise Qing Shui. It was because he skipped past the Half-Step Cave Realm

The reason something like this happened was related to Beihuang Fan. Although Qing Shui was happy now, he still felt upset at the thought of Beihuang Fan and about what happened the night before. Qing Shui liked this woman. There was no reason why a person would like another. It was like how there would be some women and no matter how beautiful they were, he wouldn't have the feelings of love for them.

The power of the secular world, as well as setbacks, would tend to produce huge impacts. He hadn't thought that a single change from Beihuang Fan—just a gaze, a single word, and the feeling of the change of the distance between them—would let him go through such a huge transformation.

After cleaning up, Qing Shui started to cultivate and temper the power increment...

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