AST 2231 - Luo Qingcheng’s Evil Finger?

Chapter 2231 - Luo Qingcheng’s Evil Finger?

The creation of their Guardian Vine had greatly increased the cohesion within the Sea King Palace. A Guardian was far too important to a sect. The reason why it could be named a Guardian was because it was as strong as a God. From the aura it had when it was awakened, they knew that the strength of the bloodthirsty demonic vine was far from normal.

Any worries about the future would be solved with the existence of a Guardian. Most importantly, their Guardian was young and would be able to protect the area for a long time. The inhabitants were the first generation for the Sea King Palace, and the Guardian had each of their blood essences.

Only Qing Shui and a few others knew about the terror of the bloodthirsty demonic vine. He wouldn’t have to worry even if...

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