AST 2228 - The Incomparably Sturdy Diamond White Tiger King

Chapter 2228 - The Incomparably Sturdy Diamond White Tiger King

Just as Qing Shui was about to step out, Beihuang Fan called out to him. “Be careful. You can summon your white tiger. Its abilities are comparable to that of the Golden Yakshas.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier, woman?” Qing Shui responded without cheer.

While he realized the Diamond White Tiger King’s strength, he still felt that something was off. Its greatest strength was in its defense, but its attack abilities were not as dangerous. However, if they were incomparable in state then it would be hard to exploit these traits, placing it on the same level as the Dark Phoenix. After all, the Spirit Gathering Lamp would not increase the strength of the Diamond White Tiger King. Not unless the Heaven Shaking Drum attained the Grand Perfection Stage of nine grades.

However, with Beihuang Fan’s words, he had a change of opinion....

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