AST 2226 - Ancient Drawing Of Divine Realm, A Good Item

Chapter 2226 - Ancient Drawing Of Divine Realm, A Good Item

Qing Shui looked at this wonderful woman. Her eyes were like gems and the prettiest stars in the sky. Her skin was fair and alluring that tempted him to have a bite. Her silky black hair was tied up casually with a red hair tie. Her neck was slim and her breasts were full and rounded. They were so captivating and perfectly shaped, making people thirst for a touch.

“I haven't touched them for so long. I’ve missed them so much...” Qing Shui moistened his lips while staring at her without blinking. He almost made his move.

“If you're not interested in the breakthrough then I'll leave.” Beihuang Fan turned around and walked away.

Qing Shui grabbed her hand quickly and tightly, “I want to! How do I do that?”

“Truthfully, you could have achieved the breakthrough...

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