AST 2218 - Life and Pride

Chapter 2218 - Life and Pride

That man was still very confident in his Berserk Dragon Fist. His fist technique might not be fast but its power was nothing to be taken lightly. Moreover, it came along with a Heavy Strike ability, with each fist having a crushing force and a powerful aura. However, he hadn't expected that this young man would be able to receive this.

He had basically gone all out. He was a careful person and no matter what kind of opponent he encountered, he would display his full powers. Even if he could crush the opponent into smithereens with a single move, he wouldn't hold back. Otherwise, if his opponent were given a chance to turn the tables around, it'd be too late to regret.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Qing Shui performed another ultimate Buddha technique.

Although the Buddha Wisdom Seal couldn't reduce the opponent's attacking force, it would increase his own defense...

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