AST 2216 - A Fierce Fight, a Dog Should Bite

Chapter 2216 - A Fierce Fight, a Dog Should Bite

“How are my dishes here? Do they suit your taste?” Bei Tengyun said something irrelevant.

Qing Shui knew he was reluctant to elaborate on the previous matter. Yet, it showed that he knew about Qing Shui.

“If you can’t make the decision, ask the one who can. How dare you mess with me? I’m already here and he is not coming out. Would he only come out after I take action?” Qing Shui talked to Bei Tengyun.

Bei Tengyun looked at Qing Shui in return. This was his first time meeting someone as arrogant as Qing Shui in the Northern Emperor Food Residence. Initially, he felt uneasy since Qing Shui was close to Beihuang Fan. Now, he felt more uncomfortable in seeing Qing Shui.

“The Northern Emperor Food Residence needs to remind you who you’re dealing...

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