AST 2215 - Northern Emperor Food Residence, Bei Tengyun

Chapter 2215 - Northern Emperor Food Residence, Bei Tengyun

There were guards at the entrance; totaling ten of them, five on each side. This was just a formality; if something happened, these few people would not be able to handle it. They could only deliver a message, or simply act as sentries.

It had been a while since Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan stood at the entrance.

Qing Shui knew the Northern Emperor Food Residence, but it was his first time here. He did not expect a food residence to be so huge. Many of his perceptions came from the past life, so he was shocked to see the scale here. He operated the Imperial Cuisine Hall and felt that it was successful. Moreover, he had opened many branches. However, he never thought that a food residence could be operated in this way.

Beihuang Fan stood beside...

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