AST 2213 - Baiyang Clan’s Inheritance, Demon Hound Disease

Chapter 2213 - Baiyang Clan’s Inheritance, Demon Hound Disease

The Tribulation Evasion Pill was done. Although there were only two of them, one would be sufficient if the effects were strong.

Feeling mostly curious, Qing Shui examined the Tribulation Evasion Pill.

Tribulation Evasion Pill, used in False God Tribulation and Divine Tribulation. Able to lower the lightning in the air by 80% while increasing the success rate of overcoming the tribulation by 80%. Eighth grade.

Qing Shui got a little excited as he saw that. Initially, he thought it was to evade a tribulation, such as being able to skip the tribulation this time. In actuality, it was used to evade the power of lightning by 80%. With that, it could lessen the power of tribulation a lot.

At once, Qing Shui thought of the Treasure Basin and Hundred Treasure Chest as the eighth grade crossed...

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