AST 2212 - Nalan Qing, Tribulation Evasion Pill Done

Chapter 2212 - Nalan Qing, Tribulation Evasion Pill Done

“You’re right, but it is hard to make friends these days. It is a luxury to have one true friend in one’s entire life. In fact, many people don’t even have a true friend in their whole lives. When you are at your peak, you might have a bunch of friends. Once you fail, it would be considered as lucky if they don’t strike you while you’re down,” The man said emotionally.

After listening to the man, Qing Shui smiled and said, “This is how the world works. It is profit-driven. Actually, everyone should have this realization. You can make yourself do it but you can’t make others do the same thing. Sometimes, if you do things right, other things might happen without an extra effort.”

“That is true. You can’t make others do it. You may force them using brute...

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