AST 2211 - Got a Godson, Tai Yijian

Chapter 2211 - Got a Godson, Tai Yijian

“Yijian, don’t be rude,” The woman said softly at that time. She was very gentle even when she scolded her child.

Qing Shui smiled and said it was alright. Then, he looked at Tai Dashao, “You seem like a good father.”

Tai Dashao showed an awkward smile and replied, “It’s his mother that is good.”

Qing Shui recalled that he had collected some Growth Pills, Aptitude Pills, and Potential Pills. He took out some and handed them over to the young man, saying, “This is my gift to you.”

Tai Yijian looked at Qing Shui. Then, he looked at Tai Dashao and his mother.

Tai Dashao smiled, “Quick, say thanks to your uncle. He is the strongest Alchemist your father has ever seen.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Tai Yijian said happily.

“Do you want to become a strong warrior?” Qing Shui looked at the young man and...

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