AST 2208 - Waft of Fragrance, Widow Qing

Chapter 2208 - Waft of Fragrance, Widow Qing

“Young Master Tai?” Qing Shui was confused. Luckily, he recalled the person who was healed by him a few months ago. Still, he wondered why the guy was here.

“You remembered,” Beihuang Fan smiled.

“I do. Could it be that his balls are not working again?” Qing Shui asked in confusion.

Beihuang Fan’s face flushed red instantly. This bastard did it on purpose. She did not say anything but simply glared at Qing Shui. Then she walked away.

“Not bad. You are more ladylike now,” Qing Shui said with a smile. He made sure that Beihuang Fan heard him.

Beihuang Fan’s mouth corners lifted to form a curve. She was as charming as a fairy. Meanwhile, Qing Shui started to head out from the backyard of the Imperial Cuisine, which was recently made. As he arrived at the front yard, he noticed...

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