AST 2204 - Chief Senior Disciple of Taiqing Immortal Palace

Chapter 2204 - Chief Senior Disciple of Taiqing Immortal Palace

Qing Shui was contented with the effect of the Heavenly Magic Stars and kept his demonic beasts. He then said to Beihuang Fan, “Let's go back.”

Both of them returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall once again.

Now, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had been fully passed over to Zhang Yue. In the case of unresolved issues, Qing Shui would deal with them. The current Imperial Cuisine Hall was more holistic—treating a range of illnesses, some of them of chronic nature, instead of only the incurable kind. Hence, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was very busy throughout the day.

As for the medicinal cuisine, it adhered to the same rule. Those dishes were invaluable.

There were a lot of rich men, but they had no other choice but to cope with Qing Shui's extraordinary rules. Some...

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