AST 2203 - Powerful Heavenly Magic Stars

Chapter 2203 - Powerful Heavenly Magic Stars

When Qing Shui placed his hand on Beihuang Fan’s body, she trembled slightly. He knew she was actually very anxious. As for the reason she agreed to Qing Shui’s massage, it was not for the sake of opening the Quemen Acupoint. Instead, she wanted to have more contact with Qing Shui and make their stories richer.

Women were more sentimental in love. They were not as impulsive as men. Of course, there would be some women who were very impulsive and worse than men but generally speaking, the men were more impulsive and more easily affected visually.

Soul Charming Soft-Tendon Hand Technique!

Qing Shui's fingers pressed, rubbed, squeezed, and twisted on her back.

The Nine Yang Force worked out from his fingers. It was warm. Beihuang...

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