AST 2202 - You Are a Female Hooligan

Chapter 2202 - You Are a Female Hooligan

Ever since Beihuang Fan arrived, Nuo Lan was rarely seen in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui felt that this woman was trying to give Beihuang Fan and him some privacy.

Qing Shui even recalled that Beihuang Fan liked Nuo Lan. Nuo Lan and him had acted for very long as if nothing had ever happened. Even though they had not met in a very long time, it still felt all too familiar.

When Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan came back this time, Nuo Lan was present. Upon seeing Qing Shui, Nuo Lan appeared to be very happy and said,” You guys came back! Mm, seems like there was a fast progress.”

“Nuo Lan, do you like him? If so, you should go for it as there is nothing going on between us. Besides, he already has many women throwing themselves at him. I am sure he would not mind one more,” Said Beihuang Fan as she laughed sile...

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