AST 2201 - Talk Only If You’re Strong, Payback

Chapter 2201 - Talk Only If You’re Strong, Payback

Qing Shui’s move was too blunt. There wasn’t much of a silhouette nor did he say anything either. He simply attacked quickly.

The remaining people were scared and angered. However, seeing Qing Shui, they couldn’t say anything. The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master wasn’t too far away, furrowing his brow. He was in league with the Five Tiger Immortal Palace, coming and leaving together, but the problem now was that their enemy was extremely strong. One wrong step and they could end up dead.

A normal person was afraid of death. For those who weren’t, they were just completely disheartened. An example would be an eighty-year-old with a full family that was all killed overnight. It didn’t matter how they...

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