AST 2189 - White Tiger Treasure Chamber, Some Treasures

Chapter 2189 - White Tiger Treasure Chamber, Some Treasures

As they searched, they really found one.

Beihuang Fan was the first one to find it. She also got a treasure pagoda, but she found the Brutal Strength Fate Treasure Pagoda. It could double the heavy and clumsy strength but decrease the overall speed by 30%. The damaging prowess would increase by two times.

This treasure pagoda made Qing Shui feel weird. Reducing the speed and increasing the strength and certain damage, not many people would use that. In battle, speed was more crucial than strength. Beihuang Fan sighed and rejected it.

Qing Shui took it over, “Somebody else could use it.”

Qing Shui remembered the Hill Moving Battle God who was not fast and owned clumsy but skillful power. He seemed to use the heavy...

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