AST 2188 - Buddha Mounts The Diamond White Tiger King

Chapter 2188 - Buddha Mounts The Diamond White Tiger King

Beihuang Fan summoned the Sun Phoenix.

Beihuang Fan did so with a purpose in mind. The instant the Sun Phoenix appeared, she saw Diamond White Tiger King. At that moment, Diamond White Tiger King asked,” You followed the humans?”

Sun Phoenix said with her familiar and graceful voice, ”Is it really that strange?”

Qing Shui felt awkward at the moment. Two demonic beasts were actually having a conversation with one another while the rest of the people were just standing at the side listening.

“To think that the Sun Phoenix would be the type to follow humankind.” Diamond White Tiger King said with a disdainful tone.

“So what? Those of your kind are the Buddhas’ saddle horse. Buddhas are humans too.” Sun Phoenix replied without hesitation.

“Buddhas are Gods, not humans. Or at least they should not be compared to...

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