AST 2187 - I Still Have My Hands, Which Fingers Do You Prefer?

Chapter 2187 - I Still Have My Hands, Which Fingers Do You Prefer?

Qing Shui laughed as he left alongside Beihuang Fan, bypassing a few mountains. These mountains were common locations to place one’s army. As such, there was nothing left to be found in those mountains, so it was better for them to leave instead.

As they went by the mountains, the terrains began to appear more abundant. It was filled with tall mountains, rivers, and forests; there were even monstrous beasts and wild birds wandering the area. The waters were inhabited by a plethora of different fish species.

Qing Shui looked at his surroundings as he thought about some heartfelt matters. As he looked left and right, he felt that there was a certain level of softness attached to the atmosphere. It was at that moment when he realized that Beihuang Fan was glaring at him, he then awkwardly stared back at her. He was just so caught up in gazing at the surroundings and being deep in thought that he was oblivious...

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