AST 2186 - Windwhisk Willow, Domineering Beihuang Fan

AST 2186 - Windwhisk Willow, Domineering Beihuang Fan

Qing Shui followed the method on the book to run his energy and gradually sensed a hint of mysterious power slowly forming on his body. This was the power of the wind. It was a light cyan color, but after it circulated through Qing Shui's body, it was integrated and absorbed into his own Origin Qi. The things that followed gave Qing Shui a great shock.

That light cyan aura gradually started to turn into golden. At this moment, Qing Shui discovered that he wasn't able to control this power. It gradually moved around his body, making him feel that his body was getting increasingly lighter, but the power felt very strong.

Qing Shui then saw a line of words written in the seal script [1] appearing in his consciousness...

Windwhisk Willow, evolution.

Passive technique. Doubles one's speed and the martial technique can grow.

Qing Shui came back...

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