AST 2184 - Liu Clan, Poison Willow Darts

AST 2184 - Liu Clan, Poison Willow Darts

Qing Shui gave it some thought before saying to them, "Alright, we'll go in together, but don't go further than five meters away from me."

Everyone nodded.

Qing Shui used a Five Spirits Formation and connected their auras together. With this, he would be able to sense everyone's location accurately, and it'd be easy to find them even if they were to be separated. Moreover, Qing Shui would be able to talk to them directly and tell them what to do.

Qing Shui took the lead and headed toward the valley's entrance. It was a little dark, but at the instant Qing Shui stepped inside, he sensed the existence of a formation. All of them also entered the formation at the same time, and the view presented to them went through a huge difference from what they saw outside.

This was a dilapidated village, a very ancient one. The place was in...

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