AST 2183 - Formation? Riches Dwelled In Danger

Chapter 2183 - Formation? Riches Dwelled In Danger

Right now, Qing Shui, Beihuang Fan, and the others had already entered the Yu Royal Gate.

The view here was great and upon entering, they could feel refreshing air gushing over. Qing Shui looked around. This was a totally independent space, and the view was so wide that one couldn't see its ends. There were places with mountains and forests.

Qing Shui was very curious about some of the things in this Nine Continents World, for example, some of the independent spaces here. Although they didn't seem to be too big here, would there be another bigger world that would appear? Qing Shui wasn't sure. What if this space was so big that it was even bigger than the world of the nine continents?

Qing Shui couldn't even begin to imagine this. However, he seldom encountered spaces, and most of them would be relatively small. Also, this space didn't seem to have life forms like humans.

In the...

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