AST 2181 - Yu Royal Gate, Great Yu Mountain

Chapter 2181 - Yu Royal Gate, Great Yu Mountain

“Nonsense,” Beihuang Fan sounded annoyed.

Nothing much happened subsequently, Qing Shui thought of Tantai Lingyan from time to time. He was worried about her and her whereabouts. Besides, he wanted to go home, but he could not leave at the moment.

There was also the problem of security around the region. The Divine Palace was very mad about Yin Tong’s assault. Right now, Nuolan was investigating the people behind it.

Yin Tong was nearly recovered, but he could not recall a single thing. There was a large range of complicated people here, but the objective of his assault was obvious. Yin Tong had no enemies, so it was either directed against Qing Shui or the Divine Palace.

It was not quite possible for the real target to...

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