AST 2169 - So, You Are The Master of The Thirteenth King?

AST 2169 - So, You Are The Master of The Thirteenth King?

Qing Shui left very early in the morning. He reluctantly jumped out of the warm bed which had the Vampiric Empress on it. They stayed up the entire night and enjoyed their moment until the next morning. In the end, the Vampiric Empress insisted on sending him off.

Before leaving, Qing Shui gave that attractive and charming woman a kiss. He then turned around and fixed his sight at the figure in front of the entrance of the valley as it became smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared.

It was never a good feeling to say farewell to a person you love. Initially, Qing Shui had planned to keep it a secret from the Vampiric Empress, but he never thought that they would do it all the way until morning. After knowing that Qing Shui was going to leave soon, she refused to rest even when she was tired. She wanted to send him off herself.

The Vampiric Empress only turned around slowly after Qing Shui disappeared from her...

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