AST 2165 - Taming the Sun Phoenix

AST 2165 - Taming the Sun Phoenix

She remembered the fight between Firecloud Palace and Divine Palace. Now, she finally understood why they emerged victoriously. She looked at Qing Shui in shock, and not only so, but the ability of his Divine Weapon had even started taking effect on Beihuang Fan herself.

The ability of the Divine Weapon was affecting Qing Shui all the time. This was almost like a passive ability which consumed zero energy. However, Qing Shui would need to activate it himself if he intended for the effect to influence his allies. Thus, once Qing Shui activated it, Beihuang Fan revealed an even more excited face.

Putting the increased amount of strength aside, the true terrifying ability of his was the one which helped reduce up to 21% of the damage caused by the opponent. That was equivalent to lowering down the opponent’s offensive prowess by 21%.

“Many has attempted to tame me before, but most of them turned to ashes. I do not intend to harm anyone; thus, I think it...

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