AST 2164 - Why not have a taste of how it was to be a woman?

AST 2164 - Why not have a taste of how it was to be a woman?

Beihuang Fang never expected that this brat could even relate a simple question which she asked into something which was totally irrelevant from it.

“I am sure that deep down, everyone will have a place in their heart where they wish to be. It is one of the most precious things one could have in their life. For instance, there are people who would put their life at stake to protect the person they loved most; there are those who treasure family love deeply. The reason why they continue moving forward is all so that they could protect the things they treasured in life. So, Mistress Fan, what is it that you care the most in your heart?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“My family does not need my protection. It makes no difference with or without them. Thus, this isn’t the thing which I am concerned about. But, what am I cultivating so hard for?” Beihuang Fan asked an irrelevant question after a moment of thought.

“Well then,...

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