AST 2158 - Should He Leave the Divine Palace?

AST 2158 - Should He Leave the Divine Palace?

The others felt that this plan wasn't bad, but it was just mediocre.

Mo Situ nodded. "However, this young man's status isn't low, and I feel that he won't be kicked out."

"He definitely won't get kicked out since this young man has a high chance of being the next Divine Palace's Lord. That old Battle God isn't a fool and would soon know about the details of the situation. After all, that woman is a Demon King Inheritor but isn't one of us." Mo Shi nodded and said.

"Then how would it benefit us?" Mo Situ smiled and asked.

"There will still be benefits. We'll just say that the Junior Sect Master had been injured by someone from the Demon Gate. After all, who would know what the truth is? Moreover, after spreading the news that the woman is a Demon King Inheritor, the Divine Palace would lose...

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