AST 2157 - Regrowing the Flesh and Bones

AST 2157 - Regrowing the Flesh and Bones

This was a milky white colored medicinal pill and was only at the size of a marble. It exuded powerful vitality and life, surrounded by a circle of white glow. 

Mo Tianzhi swallowed it down directly and in just a short moment, his face turned pale, and a layer of sweat broke out on his forehead. Even his body started to tremble.

"The process of regrowing your flesh and bones isn't an enjoyable one. Grit your teeth and hang on through it." There were no emotions in his cold tone at the moment Mo Situ said this.

It was normal for others not to feel anything, but Mo Situ had always been like this. As the head of the Demon Gate, or even if he was the head of another sect, he couldn't be too casual. Otherwise, other people would think that the sect leader was a pushover.

Of course, this was very superficial, but it was how things were. Regardless...

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