AST 2155 - Bringing Her the Happiness of Ecstasy

AST 2155 - Bringing Her the Happiness of Ecstasy

It was only now, did Tantai Lingyan suddenly realize that Qing Shui's hands were on her butt. Right now, the two of them were hugging each other, and there seemed to be something hard near her lower abdomen. She knew what it was, and this made her feel a little more anxious and panicky.

"Lingyan, I had thought in the past that you didn't like men."

Although they had intercourse on their first encounter, it was because Tantai Lingyan had been drugged and was out of control despite still having a clear conscious. Thereafter, with her cold personality, Qing Shui had always thought that an ice beauty like her didn't like men.

Qing Shui was unable to imagine how an icy beauty like her would be like when she was in a man's embrace. Would she let out breathtaking cries? What would she look like...

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